What to Bring

for your Pet

What to Bring for Your

Pet's Stay at Club Pet!

If you’re new to Club Pet, you may be wondering what you need to pack for your pet’s resort vacation here at Club Pet International.  Here are the most  Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's about what you need to bring from home and about your pet’s resort vacation experience here at Club Pet.


Q. Do I need to bring my pet’s own food and treats?


A. No! We provide premium brand, high quality meals for all pets during their resort stay with us. However, if your pet is on a special diet or is a picky eater, you are welcome to bring your pet’s favorite cuisine for us to serve the way you would prepare at home.



Q. How many meals per day are served at Club Pet?


A.  We customize your pet’s daily feeding schedule to his or her schedule at home.  If your pet is used to eating twice per day, we will feed your pet two times per day.



Q. My pet is on medications. Should I bring these or do you provide?


A. You must bring any medication or nutritional supplement your pet needs to take while in our care.  Please bring Rx medications in their original Rx containers.  We will review your pet’s medication schedule with you when you check-in your pet.



Q. Can  I bring my pet’s favorite blanket along for her stay at Club Pet?


A. We don’t like to say No to anyone, but No.  We provide blankets and bedding for your pet during his stay at Club Pet.



Q. Can I bring my pet’s favorite toy to play with during his stay at Club Pet?


A. Yes! Most toys are welcome.  You are encouraged to bring a few special personal items to make your pet feel at home during her stay. Club Pet does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged articles brought from home.   However, we make every effort to keep track of each pet’s personal belongings. Please mark all items clearly with your pet’s first and last name.



Q. My pet is a fashionista!! My pet wears a bandanna every day. Can we bring our pet’s favorite fashion accessories for her to wear during her stay at Club Pet?


A. No.  Leave clothes and accessories at home.  Pets go naked during their stay with us.  You’d be surprised how happy this makes them feel!



Q. What happens if my pet has a medical or other emergency, or becomes ill during his stay at Club Pet?


A. We have emergency response procedures in place for any and all pet related emergency situations. Response includes transporting to a nearby Veterinary ER and calling a licensed and insured local DVM to our facility to provide care for your pet.  We will make decisions for your beloved pet as if he were our own beloved pet!



Q. What happens if my pet is homesick and refuses to eat during his stay at Club Pet?


A. We’re experts in dealing with homesick pets and finicky eaters!  We do whatever necessary to coax our homesick guests to eat regular meals while away from their family.  We’ve been known to take them into the kitchen and hand-feed them treats like hot dogs or a little chicken to get them to forget about being homesick.  Pets are food motivated. Your pet will not starve during his visit with us!



Q. Does my pet need a bathing suit for Pool Time at Club Pet?


A. No!  Our canine guests get to skinny-dip here at Club Pet! They are, after all, on vacation! What happens at Club Pet stays at Club Pet!



Q. Hey, Club Pet International sounds like a lot of fun.  Can I book  a stay for me, too?


A. Sorry.  Our resort is so exclusive, we don’t accept people!

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