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Client Testimonials

"Our dog has been going to Club Pet for over 4 years. She loves it there. When we pick her up she cannot decide if she wants to stay or go. The staff has a list of her commands and tricks and give her lots of attention (more than we pay for)."


- Patricia Wells (January 2014)

"I bring my dogs often and everyone at Club Pet knows my babies and takes such good care of them while I am gone. My dogs are so excited to go to Club Pet that when I drop them off they don't even look back to say bye. I can tell they are truly taken care of and I am a picky mom. I have tried other kennels in the past and feel I have found the kennel that is best for my dogs and I. My dogs are my only children and I call and check on them often and no one at Club Pet minds me calling. They know my babies so well. I will never look for another kennel again and truly recommend this kennel for anyone looking for a place to keep their pets!"


- Anubisandsadie Saunders (December 2013)

“Belated but heartfelt thanks for all you did in getting Whipple safely to [our new home.]….. We met her at cargo/customs;  the dear was no worse for the wear.  She had been offered food and water the night before.  Her crate was dry and secured with cables.  She had a fine looking piddle at the airport


The 3 of us are acclimating…  Me thinks Whipple is wondering, “when will we go home guys”.  But this is her 4th country, and she always gets with the program sooner than we do.


Again, much appreciation for your kind, professional and reassuring help.”


- Richard, Jim, and Whipple the Lab (July 2013)

"Before discovering Club Pet, we had visited four other kennels. Two did not meet our approval, the other two we were dissatisfied with, after using them one time. We have been coming to the Club Pet for the past 2 years, and my Chihuahua loves it. When we are going up the driveway and she realizes she is at the kennel, she becomes very excited. Her behavior tells me that she is loved and cared for here. These people are the best."


- Danny Barnes (2013)

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