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Q: Is it safe for my pet to travel by air?


A: Yes. It is more likely that your pet will be injured on the way to the airport than while flying. Animals traveling by air-cargo is accepted as a safe method of transporting domestic dogs and cats.



Q: Should I give my pet a tranquilizer before I ship him?


A: No! If your pet needs a a tranquilizer, he should not be shipped! Tranquilizing drugs can decrease respiratory function, leading to breathing difficulties at high altitudes. Over sedation is the leading cause of animal deaths during airline transport.



Q: What is the correct size crate for my pet?


A: Good Question, because the airlines will reject our pet as cargo if the crate does not meet the correct size requirements for your specific pet! We offer crates as part of our Air Club for Pets services so you have one less thing to worry about when you need to ship your pet. If you’re curious how to learn determine the correct size crate for your pet, read  “How to Measure your Pet for a Crate.”



Q: What if my pet doesn’t like the crate?


A: The Air Transport Association recommends: “As far in advance of the trip as possible, let your pet get to know the shipping container.” We recommend leaving the crate open in the house  with a chew bone or toy inside so your pet will spend time inside the crate.



Q: How should I prepare the shipping crate?


A: Your pet’s shipping crate should have TWO dishes attached to the front door. A baggy full of your pets food should be attached to the top of the crate. The bottom should be lined with about 10 sheets of newspaper, followed by shredded newspaper. All international crates need air holes on all four sides! This includes the back side.



Q: What can I do to prepare my pet for travel?


A: The best thing you can do to acclimate your pet for his upcoming flight is to make sure he is comfortable with his crate. Start by putting treats in the crate and then progress to leaving your pet in the crate for short periods of time while you are out. This will help avoid separation anxiety and ensure a comfortable move. It is important for your pet to be as relaxed as possible during the flight.



Q: What is the difference between EXCESS BAGGAGE and AIR CARGO?


A: Excess Baggage is when the pet travels in the belly of the plane, and you are a ticketed passenger. (YES, the area is Climate Controlled and pressurized!)  Air Cargo is when you are not a passenger on the plane when the pet is shipped. (The pet is held in the same compartment on the plane as pets shipped as Excess Baggage.)



Q: What are the laws and requirements to ship my pet overseas?


A: The rules, laws, and requirements vary from country to country and are being updated regularly.  It is important to understand all the latest vaccine and quarantine requirements, and airline rules well in advance of your move so you meet the timing restrictions or your pet’s entry and acceptance into the destination country could be denied.  We recommend using a professional Pet Shipping Specialist when you need to move your pet.  When you choose Club Pet’s exclusive Air Club for Pets to manage your pet’s relocation, we  make sure your pet’s relocation is smooth and worry-free for both you and your pet.



Q: Do you have more Questions & Need More Answers?


A: We invite you to call or email  Air Club for Pets. We’ll answer all of your questions, even the ones you don’t know you need to ask!



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