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Boarding Tips

1) Start boarding your pet at the kennel at an early age.

If you wait until your pet is older to take them to the boarding kennel, they might have a difficult time adjusting. If you are taking an old dog to the kennel for the first time, we suggest trying out the kennel for a weekend.


2) Take a tour of the kennel.

Before it’s time to kennel your pet, take time to go and visit all the boarding kennels you are considering. Only you can decide which boarding kennel is for you.


3) Keep your pup on a leash.

When you take your dog to check in at the boarding kennel, make sure you have your dog on a leash. It’s safer for him, and it’s our rule.


4) Ask the kennel what you should bring.

We encourage owners to bring in treats, toys, or special food.


5) Bring your pet's paperwork.

When you check in your pet at the boarding kennel, bring in your most recent vaccination certificate.


6) Make sure your kennel knows your pets needs.

Give the kennel operator as much information as possible about your pet, along with past health problems and any medications that your pet might be on.


7) Keep goodbyes happy.

When checking in at the boarding kennel, try not to make your pet feel like he’s being left behind. Try not to have tears or any guilty feelings as your pet will sense your feelings and will think that something is wrong. Your pet may become frightened and fearful, thinking that you are abandoning him or her, and will have a difficult adjustment period for the first day or two. The best thing to do is to reassure your pet that everything is fine and tell him or her that you will see him or her soon.


Check out the kennel policies and hours before you drop off your pet. Try to understand and follow them.

Check-In Hours:

Mon-Sat: 7am-6pm

Sun: 12pm-4pm

Checkout: 1pm

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