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Pet Boarding Near Aldie, VA

Club Pet International is Northern Virginia’s finest pet boarding facility

Club Pet International is a Top Rated Pet Hotel located near Aldie, Va! A luxurious and spacious Dog boarding kennel has large indoor/outdoor runs for each dog that vacations with us.  Our indoor runs are climate controlled throughout the year so that each dog guest is comfortable no matter the temperature outside.



Club Pet, located near Aldie, Va boards pets of all types. If it fits through the door, we can board it; Including dogs and cats, big and small, furry (hamsters, guinea pigs, pet pigs, etc), scaly (snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, fish, etc), feathered (parrots, cockatoos, cockatiels, macaws, etc), anything domestic or exotic. We provide the highest quality care for your pets in our safe and clean home environment.  Our highly trained staff accepts the responsibility required in the care of your pet, who is, after all, a valued member of your family!


Club Pet International near Aldie, Va offers a variety of services for all of our boarders.  Our guests enjoy spacious comfy accommodations at affordable prices at our boarding facility near Reston, Va. Each guest can enjoy non-allergenic plush bedding*, soothing music, daily brushing*, playtime* and plenty of exercise, all in a cheery, bright heated or air-conditioned atmosphere.  We also offer a menu of exclusive Pampered Pet  Activity Packages to enhance your pet’s Resort Vacation Experience.


For your Pet’s protection, we require all guests of our pet facility near Aldie, VA to be free of fleas and ticks and up to date on all required vaccinations.  Club Pet offers the convenience of Veterinarian services provided by a visiting licensed practitioner to help you meet your pet’s vaccination and health needs.


Medications and special diets can be arranged as needed. Ask us about special visitation and accommodation arrangements for pet brothers and sisters!  Club Pet’s care is customized to meet your pet’s individual needs. Nothing is too good for your pet!


Although Club Pet is mainly a pet boarding facility near Aldie, VA, we offer a menu of ala`cart services for your convenience, including: Grooming, Obedience Training, On-site Veterinarian Care, Pet Supplies and Pet Transportation in our exclusive Club Pet Limousine!



Check-In Hours:

Mon-Sat: 7am-6pm

Sun: 12pm-4pm

Checkout: 1pm

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43743 John Mosby Hwy.

Chantilly, VA. 20152

Phone: 703.327.4969

Fax: 703.327.3401


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