How to Train Your Dog to Sit

Starting off on the right paw with your new pup is essential. Teaching your dog to sit will be one of the simplest commands you can teach him. As you begin training your puppy realize that the foundation of your training is based on correction and reward. A firm “No” is enough of a correction for most puppies. Your correction should not involve physical punishment or be angry, remain calm, but with a firm assertive voice.

Rewards do not need to be large or even food. A reward is anything your dog likes and responds positively to. Small pieces of treats, lavish praise, and extra play time with their favorite toy are great rewards. Remember, dogs need to be taught to like praise, so if you give your pup a treat while saying in a happy voice “good boy”, he will learn that praise is a treat within itself.


When you are training, keep your training sessions short. If your puppy gets bored or frustrated it will be counterproductive. There are a couple different methods you can use when training your puppy to sit. If one doesn’t work, try another until you find the one that works best for you and your puppy. Just because it may have worked before with another dog doesn’t mean it will work with this one.


Method 1:

Praising Your Dog's Natural Behavior


Method 2:

Treat Method


Method 3:

Guiding Method


Once your puppy knows how to sit on command, practice in various places with different levels of distractions. Ensure to do this by the front door and near food bowls. This will make him more likely to sit when guests arrive or before eating. Also remember, when your dog becomes an expert you don’t need to offer a treat every time, praise is a great on-going reward.




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