Avoiding Heatstroke with Your Dog

Heat Stroke occurs when your pet’s internal temperature becomes dangerously high. Heat Stroke can be caused by being locked in a hot car, or from over-exercising in a hot and/or humid environment. It doesn’t matter how your pet gets heat stroke, it is a very serious condition that can result in brain damage, organ failure, and even death.



How to Prevent Heat Stroke in your dog or pet:


There are simple steps you can take to prevent heat stroke. When it is hot and humid outside, keep your pets indoors except to go potty. If it is absolutely necessary for your dog to be outside, make sure there is plenty of shade and lots of cool fresh water. You can add ice cubes to their water bowl to keep the water cooler longer.  Have a kiddy pool with cool water for your dog to play in.  Preparing ahead of time and ensuring there are plenty of shady spots to get your dog cool will help keep the possibility of heat stroke to a minimum.


Your car acts like a greenhouse, trapping the sun’s heat.  Never leave your dog unattended in a parked car, no matter how long, even just a minute can raise your dog’s internal temperature to dangerous levels.  When it is 85 degrees outside the temperature in your car will reach 102 degrees in just 10 minutes, and 120 degrees in 20 minutes.


Take your pet for walks when it is cooler, in the early morning hours and later evening.  Carry cold water and a portable dish with you to stop and take a refreshing drink if you notice your dog displaying signs they are getting overheated.



Signs to look for in your dog or pet:



If you notice heavy panting, loss of energy, weakness, stumbling, or any of the signs listed above it is imperative to start treating your dog for heat stroke and prepare to take them to the hospital.




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Avoiding Heatstroke

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