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Special EU Requirements

for Pet Relocation



You must Plan Ahead for your pet’s EU Relocation!


Pets entering the EU European Union member countries after October, 2004 require microchip identification, Rabies immunizations less than one year, but over thirty days, with the microchip number recorded on the Rabies Immunization certificate.


Each of the EU member countries can elect its own rules & regulations. The timing of the “chip identification, the Rabies immunization and the Pet Travel Certificate” is critical.  If the rules and requirements are not exactly met your pet will not be granted admission into the EU and/or the destination country!


Air Club for Pets can take the worry out of your visit or relocation to the EU for you and your pet! We’ve been moving pets across the USA and around the globe every week for more than 30 years!

HELPFUL ADVICE FOR PET OWNERS SHIPPING PETS INTERNATIONALLY FROM THE UNITED STATES: 1. Have your veterinarian implant an ISO 11784 or 11785 readable MicroChip in your dog and/or cat. Should your local veterinarian not have access to the EuroChip, AIR CLUB FOR PETS can Federal Express the chip to you or your veterinarian overnight. Cost is USD $75.00/chip + shipping and handling. 2. On the same day of the “chipping”, have your veterinarian administer a Rabies Booster Vaccination following the micro chip procedure, being sure to have the microchip number recorded on the Rabies Immunization certificate. The Rabies Certificate should be signed in an ink color other than black, by the administering veterinarian. The veterinarian administering the Rabies immunization must be USDA accredited. 3. For those countries whose entry protocols require Rabies Antibody testing for entry: Schedule a return visit within a sufficient waiting period – 30 days after chipping and vaccination – for the purposes of collecting a blood sample (serum only) for a FAVN-OIE Rabies Antibody blood test. The date of blood collection is referred to as the “draw date”.

Pets entering the UK now require:



Are you confused yet?  That’s a good enough reason to call AIR CLUB FOR PETS at 1-877-SHIP PET and allow us to guide you and handle all of the administration for your pet’s move to the United Kingdom for you. You will have peace of mind knowing your pet will be able to join you and your family when you make the big move across the ocean.



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