Common Household Items that are Poisonous to Dogs

When you own a dog, there are many things to keep out of their reach, such as household chemicals, medicines, toys, sharp objects, etc. However, there are somethings you may not even realize that can be very harmful to your pup if they ingest them.

In most cases, it can take 12-24 hours for symptoms to appear when your dog eats one of the items below. However, you should seek treatment for your dog as soon as he gets into them.  This will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in vet bills by getting them treated early and before they show symptoms.  Treatment right away typically means a good prognosis. For questions, ensure you call the Animal Poison Control and your vet right away.



Contains caffeine and a chemical called Theobromine, which can be very toxic and cause Seizures in your dog.



Can kill red blood cells, causing a form of anemia (onion powder, leeks and chives are part of this family), so be cautious of what falls on the floor and what ingredients are present if the dog eats human food.


Raisins and Grapes

Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy for your dog, but grapes and raisins are not, they can lead to kidney and renal failure in your pooch, it typically starts with diarrhea and vomiting.


Macadamia Nuts

These nuts contain something very toxic to dogs, if ingested watch for these signs which typically develop within 12 hours - weakness and inability to walk (especially in the hind legs), vomiting, staggering gait, depression, tremors and elevated body temperature.



The Persin in the avocado can be harmful to your dog. The center pit can be a serious choking hazard.



The caffeine in coffee will have a similar effect as chocolate to your dog.  It may wake you up in the morning, but keep it away from your pup.


Chicken Bones

Bones can splinter and do all kinds of harm, so if you are feeding puppy, be cautious to remove the bones and take the trash out immediately so they don’t get into it when you are not looking.

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